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Repairs to all makes of Smart Phones, Tablets, and Laptop Computers

  • Smartphone screen replacement
  • Tablet screen replacement
  • Laptop computer screen replacement
  • USB charging port replacement
  • Audio jack replacement
  • iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch battery replacement
  • Professional water damage repair
  • Memory (RAM) upgrades
  • Harddrive/SSD upgrades
  • Replace CMOS batteries
  • Graphic card upgrades
  • Repair/Replace laptop keyboards
  • Repair/Replace optical drives
  • Remove dirt and debris from fans and heat sinks
  • Lubricate or replace fans
  • Replace power supply
  • Data backup and reformatting
  • Sensitive Data Storage

Our 'Famous' Remote Computer Cleaning and Tune-up

  • Remove all Malwares (viruses, trojans, spyware, popups, toolbars, search redirectors)
  • Installation of Antivirus Software (if needed)
  • Deep registry scan and repair of all broken and/or depreciated links (Windows)
  • Scan and repair all system file permissions (Mac OS X)
  • Internet browser hardening - for better online security
  • Memory optimization and full performance tune-up
  • Full Remote Cleaning often breathes new life into older PCs - If you don't notice a difference, you don't pay!

Online Tech Support Services

  • Online support for Windows/Mac/Linux computers
  • Home network (wired/wireless) setup and securing.
  • Data backup / recovery services
  • Correction of file association issues
  • Blue screens diagnose and fix
  • Wireless printer support
  • iPod/iPhone/iTunes/MP3 support
  • iOS and Android tablet support
  • Smartphone and DSLR camera support
  • 1 on 1 Windows and Mac training for new users