[:en]Are you properly protecting your smartphone – your most vulnerable device?[:]

by admin / 11 July 2017 / No Comments
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You lock your front door. You press the button on your vehicle’s key fob until the alarm sounds. You even have some overbearing anti­virus software making your computer run slower. But you probably don’t think about whether anyone’s trying to get into your phone.

Well, you should.  It’s a gold mine of data, passwords, and secrets, all on the other side of a four-digit passcode or a fingerprint scan—locks that can easily be picked by someone with the right tools. “If the entire United States government wants to hack your phone,” says Alex Thurber, general manager of mobile solutions at BlackBerry, “they’re going to get in.”

While no smartphone is truly unhackable, they’re not all equally porous. Lots of companies are working to build devices that make it very hard to peer inside