How to Maximize your iPhone Battery Life

by admin / 14 July 2017 / No Comments
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It used to be that when I went out late in the city, I’d play a rousing game of “How long can I keep my phone alive so I can listen to music on the way home?” I would throw my phone into airplane mode, turn the brightness down, and hope it would last until I made it back to my apartment.

Apple has since improved the way it handles battery life, though it doesn’t do everything it could to ensure your phone stays on. There are a few more tricks of the trade you can use to keep your iPhone alive as long as possible. Below, nine foolproof options:

Low Power Mode Is Your Friend

When your battery hits 20% (and subsequently 10%) you’ll be prompted to either enable or dismiss Low Power Mode. Enabling the power saving feature will lower your screen’s brightness; disable features like Airdrop, iCloud sync, and Continuity; minimize system animations; and reduce device performance. You’ll see your battery icon change from black to yellow. When you charge your phone again, Low Power Mode will turn itself off.