Consumer complaints mounting – iPhone 11 scratches very easily

by admin / 07 October 2019 / No Comments

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been lighting up with multiple users complaining that their brand new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro phones are developing (sometimes deep) surface cracks and scratches.

According to one iPhone 11 owner in the Apple discussion forums,

“I have a legit crack/scratch in my screen that showed up out of nowhere. No drop, no incident… but I can feel it with my nail, but its not a crack in the sense that it’s emanated out or any spider webs. Just a small line-chunk out of the front facing glass, along with a separate small chunk missing a few millimeters away.  Truly almost seems like a defect in the manufacturing to have appeared after 24 hours of use without incident.”

Our guess is as good at yours right now, as to the cause of these scratches/cracks, but we will be monitoring this situation as it develops.

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